Spicy in 30min No Dance Cardio

Spicy in 30min No Dance Cardio

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Create a long, lean, strong body in just four weeks with our Spicy in 30min (no dance cardio) Program! This results-driven program was curated for intermediate to advanced members who want to commit to an approachable yet challenging program that focuses only on full body sculpting + toning workouts. In following the 4-week guided calendar, you are told the exact class to do each day which removes the guesswork of selecting a workout each day and provides the consistency and motivation you are looking for.

We've specifically crafted this program with repetition in mind. By repeating a workout, you will see and feel the powerful results of repetition: growing stronger, more confident in class and having more fun with your workouts. You’ll repeat two classes twice a week so that you can progressively build strength and see your fitness level improving as you go. In addition, you'll have two rest days and one day of stackable quickie workouts.
Have FOMO on missing out on our new on-demand and live classes each week? No problem! You'll have the option to substitute the recommended workout for the latest live and on-demand class throughout the program.

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Spicy in 30min No Dance Cardio

    Episode 1

    Ameerah Omar is a Certified Self Development & Mindset Coach, Certified Meditation Teacher, & runner based in Brooklyn, NY. She connected to mindfulness early on in her running career & uses this foundation to spread light & help others connect with their true selves. She lives by the code that e...


    Episode 2