TSS TOGETHER CHALLENGE (International Members)

TSS TOGETHER CHALLENGE (International Members)

International TSSfam,
Grab your bestie and kick off the start of Spring with the TSS Together Challenge!
(April 26th-May 24th)

Join founder Megan Roup and TSS trainer Katy Schuele for TSS Together, a 28-day Spring Challenge featuring exclusive on-demand workouts, live check-in’s with Megan, and FREE access to our first-ever virtual TSS Wellness Retreat.

Look forward to:
-9 NEW exclusive on-demand workouts including four 30-minute videos and five quickies
-A 28-day guided calendar
-Daily check-ins to help keep you on track and motivated
-Connecting with the TSSfam in a private Facebook group specific to members of the TSS Together Challenge
-2 LIVE check-ins with Megan in the private Facebook group
-1 FREE ticket ($50 value) to our first ever TSS Wellness Retreat, a virtual event filled with premium TSS workouts, meditation & stretching sessions, and mindful eating conversations with expert thought leaders. Plus a digital swag bag!

APRIL 26-MAY 24, 2021
Registration opens April 18th and ends April 26th!

The TSS Together Challenge will be accessible through an exclusive web portal, outside of the TSS app. No code is required for international members. You should automatically see the price of $34.90!

Non-Subscribers- $199
International TSS Subscribers $34.90

1. I’m a member and didn’t get a code.
No code is required for international members!

2. Can I sign up to join the challenge after April 26th? 
To keep up with the calendar and events of the TSS Together Challenge, registration will close on April 26th.

3. What’s the last day I can switch from monthly to the annual subscription to get the challenge for $34.90?
April 26th. 

4. Can I access the challenge on the TSS app?
No, the challenge is only available through the exclusive web portal.

5. How do I access the private Facebook group for the challenge?
You can find the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/919145075547740
 A moderator will review and approve your request.

6. Do we get to keep the videos after the challenge ends?
No, the videos will only be available through May 30, 2021.

7. Can I stream the TSS Together Challenge on my TV?
The challenge will only be available through the exclusive web portal. If you can access an internet through your tv you will be able to stream, otherwise you can use an HDMI cord to connect your device to your TV.  

8. I’m not a TSS app subscriber, can I still join the challenge?
Yes! You can join the challenge as a non-member or sign up for the app to benefit from the cost savings! If you sign up for the app, please email [email protected] so we can send you access to the challenge at the discounted price.

9. If I don’t participate in the challenge, will I still get a new video each week on the TSS app? 
YES! A new on-demand workout will still be released every Monday. We will also continue to go LIVE multiple times a week on the TSS app! 

10. I'm a monthly member, how do I switch to a yearly subscription?
-If you signed up for your membership through our website:
Log into the app on our website and click settings menu / click manage subscription /click purchases / click switch to yearly
-If you signed up through iTunes app store: Log into your iTunes subscription on your phone and switch to the yearly membership.
Once you have switched, please email [email protected] a screenshot of your subscription and we update your account.

11. If I don't participate in the challenge, can I still attend the TSS Wellness Retreat?
Yes! Tickets will be sold for the retreat separately if you are not participating in the challenge. Members of the challenge will automatically receive a ticket to the retreat.

12. Are the workouts in the TSS Together Challenge safe for pregnant women?
The videos in the challenge were filmed when Megan was in her first trimester, so if you are pregnant, you technically you may need to modify some of the sections in the videos. We would definitely recommend watching the Prenatal Intro Video on the app where Megan goes over all of the modifications to make in her workouts during each stage of pregnancy. You can also easily tweak some parts of the workouts in the TSS Together Challenge by skipping over certain core work.

13. Are the workouts in the TSS Together Challenge beginner-friendly?
If you are just starting out, we would recommend that you slow down on any of the parts that feel too fast. The "level" will feel similar to any of the 30-minute Sculpt classes and 30-minute Full Body classes on the app. The good news is the calendar will instruct you to repeat some of the same videos during the week so you will get more confident with the sequencing!

With any additional questions, please email [email protected]

TSS TOGETHER CHALLENGE (International Members)

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